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The Netherlands vs. U.S. attitudes- Let's Talk About Sex film clip

Dutch attitudes about sex

Women usually appreciate such gestures. Rather than emphasizing gender battles, Dutch parents talk about sexuality as emerging from relationships and are strikingly silent about gender conflicts. The Dutch also devised policies to maintain it. Scares about such a liberal policy producing promiscuous prepubescents have proved unfounded. For the first time the survey included questions regarding transgender people, whose sexual identity often differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. Is there something Americans should learn from the Dutch about relaxed attitudes toward sex and drugs — indeed, the Netherlands has more lenient drug laws than the U. In fact, the world-wide hit Big Brother originated in Holland.

Dutch attitudes about sex

Sex education there begins in primary school, where children are taught about reproduction and pregnancy. As Rutgers WPF noted in their report, the concept of transgender remains poorly understood in the Netherlands. That makes things very difficult. If parents really want to keep their teens safe, rather than closing their eyes and pretending that kids don't have sex, they might be better off going Dutch. But conservative family organisations argue that the Dutch teenage pregnancy rate is so low because of strong family values in religious rural areas. We need more emphasis on healthy teen relationships: Ministers are seriously concerned that pregnancy and abortion rates in Britain rival the most impoverished parts of Western Europe. Unlike the days of my youth, most Dutch teens feel able to speak openly with their parents about sex. The Dutch are sensible about sex education The Dutch are very practical about dealing with issues many other countries especially the US struggle with. Abortion rates are twice as high. I argue that underlying the normalization of adolescent sexuality are certain concepts of the person and how people operate, and how to exert social control. For Jan, promiscuity is not an option: In , the figures were 13 and 16 percent, respectively. Share via Email Radical Dutch sex education policies are to be introduced in British schools in an attempt to tackle rocketing levels of teenage pregnancy. In Holland they have sex education throughout the curriculum. It was all very technical, and it was easy to think the entire thing was something that took place in a lab somewhere. This gave the country a leading role in international affairs disproportionate to its size. In fact, they have a highly ritualised system of social etiquette which takes time and effort to learn. Most people in Holland speak English and like to use it but long-term residents, particularly non-English speakers, are expected to learn Dutch and adapt to the Dutch way of life. Find her on Twitter at maiasz. Among the men, the most popular reasons for not enjoying sex were premature ejaculation and erection problems. The number of women that do not use any kind of contraception actually increased from 31 percent in to 40 percent in Two different views of teenage sexuality Amy T. If we want to promote adolescent sex health, we need to provide society with level resources. Pregnancy The teen pregnancy rate in the Netherlands is very low.

Dutch attitudes about sex

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  1. The move will anger traditionalists who believe overexposure to information about sex and contraception encourages children to experiment.

  2. Find her on Twitter at maiasz. Statistics on teen birth and abortion rates have been corrected; the original version of this post understated the American rates.

  3. The Dutch celebrate every birthday, whether 8 or 80, and you are expected to show up and enjoy it.

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