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Tips For Having Sex For The First Time

First sex techniques

Your first times, for both you, will be fumbling and awkward, but hopefully they'll be the start of great times for the rest of your lives. If you want to be in control the first time you have sex, woman on top is the position for you. Good sex is not all about the man. Where should we have sex? Men are not mind readers, so you have to give him guidance if what he is doing is good or not. Then, and only then, can you start to play with positions and new techniques. Many women prefer to have sex the first time being on top, where they can control the first entry. That's not true - good sex is based on intimacy, love and caring for your partner, not technical ability. The key to enjoyable first-time sex is preparation.

First sex techniques

You can't expect him to know what makes you feel good. Don't worry about making orgasm simultaneous, either. That's what lovemaking is about. That said, my advice for women getting with a man: Others want to be on the bottom and give their lovers that control. Good Vibrations staff sexologist. Well, she'll be ready for more sexual fun after she's come; she'll most likely want to feel your penis inside her, and her vagina will be warm and swollen, ready to receive your penis. Third, you learned early on what you like and don't like about having your penis held and stimulated, but you may be surprised to find that a woman's preferred stimulation changes from day to day and even within one session of lovemaking. When you have sex doesn't really matter. And you also take it slowly. Patience, gentleness, and understanding are required to bring it back to life, and that may be hard for you to achieve, but that's why we told you to give yourselves lots of time. If it's his first time, he may well be totally nervous about what you're about to do, and his penis may not respond at first. Let your mind turn off and your body do the work. That way, you'll last a bit longer. But a big part of the equation is simply her getting comfortable. Rules about sex are impossible- what should matter is that what you do makes you feel good. The woman has to be able to focus her attention and let the man know what feels good without making him feel bad. Jess , Astroglide's resident sexologist. For example, rear entry is an arousing and exciting position, notorious for making men come fast. And as a man you'll enjoy being in a position where you can do that stuff for a woman. Above all, don't get too uptight about bringing her off with your penis through vaginal thrusting. You're most likely to have your legs between hers; she can rest her feet on your calves or bring her legs higher up you back if she wants - though that's usually easiest after you've completed your initial docking maneuver. Better luck next time, or as you get more experienced. Learn about yourself first. Above all, don't just lie there passively giving him no feedback.

First sex techniques

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