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Honeymoon sex 005

Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! This eliminated respondents, many of whom had missing values on other key variables. An alternative possibility reflecting similar intuitions is that there is greater coercion among households with traditional divisions of labor, leading to greater sexual frequency. Romantic and sexual scripts are often highly gendered outside marriage Udry and Chantala , and we suspect they remain so within marriage. Because these couples engage in less traditionally feminine and masculine behaviors, they are less likely to activate scripts linking displays of difference to desire.

Honeymoon sex 005

Those are the things that work for me to kind of get me going. It is not for the easily offended. Thus, men may initiate sex more frequently, and wives refuse less, with no link to desire. Moreover, other research suggests that for all the benefits of peer marriage, more egalitarian couples are more likely to have unsatisfactory sex lives and experience a lack of passion due to habituation, and these differences are not explained by a shortage of time Schwartz Drawing on this central insight and on a sexual scripts approach Gagnon and Simon , we argue that sexual activity is more likely in households with more gender-traditional divisions of household labor. In this article, we assume that internalized dominant cultural scripts govern sexual behavior, although interpersonal and intrapsychic scripts may also structure sexual behavior in marriage. As we discuss below, our theoretical approach leads us to focus on different measures of the extent to which particular types of housework are gendered. It features graphic and lengthy descriptions of rough sex between several men including a billionaire , and a beautiful, fully consenting, sexually curious young woman. Although this debate can resemble a struggle over whether the glass is half-empty or half-full, evidence is accumulating that U. Predictions of social exchange theory are of particular interest Homans ; Sprecher Throughout this article, we assume that greater sexual frequency is generally a desired good: If appropriate performances of masculinity and femininity are prerequisites for sexual behavior or sexual desire in marriage, and housework is a key way of engaging in these performances, then the extent to which husbands and wives do housework in ways that signify masculinity or femininity should be linked to sexual frequency. Although the condition of mutual benefit suggests a gender-free venue for exchange, both popular and scholarly understandings see sex as a female, rather than male, resource. An exchange perspective, combined with the assumption that men desire sex more than women, suggests that women could trade sex for resources men control. Given the general importance of gender, we suspect that scripts continue to link sexual behavior to masculinity or femininity among heterosexual married couples. Doing housework can convey affection, although often in traditionally gendered ways. Constraints and opportunity also play a central role in understanding sexual frequency, although results are inconsistent Christopher and Sprecher This suggests coercion is not an important mechanism, because coercion should lead to higher sexual frequency but lower sexual satisfaction among women. Please only buy this book if you are sure you can handle it. Over the past few decades, scholars have noted the scarcity of research on sexual activity among married and committed couples Call et al. We include controls for marital satisfaction to test this possibility. We note three plausible mechanisms that might link sexual frequency to gender-traditional divisions of housework: We return to the topic of generalizability to the present day in the conclusion. Marital satisfaction, in contrast, is the strongest correlate of sexual frequency, after age Call et al. However, to account for the theoretical relationship Gager and Yabiku suggest, we also include measures of the total amount of time spent in housework. Sexual frequency does not decline when both partners are employed full-time or with the number of hours husbands and wives spend in paid work Call et al. A third possibility is simply that gender-traditional arrangements are linked to sexual activity because couples perceive greater affection and love when partners do more albeit in traditionally gendered ways in the household.

Honeymoon sex 005

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