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Registered sex offender taking pictures of girls in public places outrages parents

Photo list of sex offenders maine

They were fine and they were released. Do state Web sites provide too much information and even promote vigilante violence? Offense history; [, c. The suspected killer, Stephen A. Applications and bureau decisions, including any documents made part of those decisions, pursuant to section A. It is within the individual state's jurisdiction to determine which sex offenders pose a higher risk to the community, and it can make their information more accessible than others'.

Photo list of sex offenders maine

The Maine registry lists more than 2, sex offenders, supplying addresses, dates of birth, identifying characteristics and places of employment along with photographs. Addresses also are routinely listed, he said. The registry provides addresses and conviction data of offenders. If you need legal advice, please consult a qualified attorney. Other states, like Florida, have been more liberal in their approach. In a case, the state of New Hampshire sent year-old Lawrence Trant to jail for 10 to 30 years after he pleaded guilty to charges of attempted murder on two convicted sex offenders whose names and addresses he'd located on the state's sex offender registry. The bureau shall provide information to the public as follows. That agency is an arm of the U. Maine's sex offender registry has been posted on the Web since December , and is the most frequently visited portion of the state government website. Twenty-year-old Stephen Marshall of Nova Scotia, Canada, killed himself aboard a Boston-bound bus after allegedly murdering two convicted sex offenders in Maine, whom he'd found on the state's sex offender Web site. The online sex registry in Maine was temporarily taken down after it got word of the deaths, but it has since been re-established. They were reportedly killed in their respective homes. The bureau shall develop a standardized registration form to be made available to the appropriate reporting authorities and persons required to register. The website contains information regarding only registrants who are domiciled, reside, attend college or school or work within the posting law enforcement agency's jurisdiction; and [, c. The process for access and review of that information is governed by Title 16, section Both victims were registered sex offenders in Maine. Suspected killer accessed online sex offender registry, Maine police say Suspected killer accessed online sex offender registry, Maine police say A Nova Scotia man suspected of killing two registered sex offenders in Maine before taking his own life had looked up details about the men on Maine's online sex offender registry, police say. The bureau may not disseminate in electronic form information about a registrant that is created, collected or maintained in electronic form by or for the bureau, except as made available to the public through the bureau's Internet website pursuant to subsection 9 and made available to the Background Check Center established pursuant to Title 22, chapter ; and [, c. She described her son as a "warm, loving young man" who suffered from disabilities and "was doing so good. In an interview with The Boston Globe, Trant said, "I don't want people to steal the souls of little kids. Any other information the bureau determines important. David Procopio, who works for the Suffolk County District Attorney's office that covers the Boston area, said Marshall was sitting 13 rows behind the driver on the Greyhound bus when "police boarded the bus and they asked [the driver] to turn on the overhead dome lights. But the steps required to obtain this information vary, Onley said, and some states list only the offenders who are considered most dangerous. Public access to information. We think they never should have created it. He sits in jail awaiting trial. Outrage Across State Lines The Vermont chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has argued that its online state registry should be removed in light of legislation the state Senate recently approved that would would make it easier to post information on sex offenders by expanding the kind of offenses that would require registration.

Photo list of sex offenders maine

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  1. Sexually violent predator directory. Only the bureau is authorized to maintain a sex offender registry on the Internet for purposes of public access as described in subsection 9.

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