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Sex with fathers

Thus, the mother's interview, and not the infant's birth certificate, served as the source for the father's age at the infant's birth. However, the earning gap between low-skilled adult men and adolescents will likely diminish, and potentially switch direction, over time. Although we estimated multivariate models, the small sample sizes and high intercorrelation between the measures made the models very unstable, so in this article we present descriptive results only. It would also be incorrect to conclude that having a partner of the same age assures that sexual activity is consensual. Young women's economic vulnerability suggests that for some, older men may be more desirable partners than teenage men. Although such laws have had a long history in the United States, they had fallen into disuse in the last few decades, 8 and only recently have some states revived and expanded these laws as part of efforts to reduce teenage pregnancy and related public welfare costs. To obtain the parents' age difference, we subtracted the mother's age from the father's, and rounded to the nearest whole year.

Sex with fathers

If the relationships between older men and minors are predatory, they might be more casual or transient than those between similar-age partners. For example, poverty or other negative home situations may lead young women to look to an adult man for rescue or escape. Because of the small sample sizes involved, however, these analyses are not shown. We excluded six of these young mothers because of missing information on key variables, which resulted in a final sample of year-olds. Consequently, adolescent mothers with an older partner were significantly less likely than those with a similar-age partner to have lived with their parents during the pregnancy. In one study, for example, older fathers reported more problem behavior than similar-age fathers, including more arrests and poorer academic performance; however, older fathers also reported higher incomes and employment rates than similar-age fathers. We set the lower age boundary for these men at 22 years so that they would be at least five years older than a year-old partner. Within this group, we examine differences between men who fathered a child with a minor and men who had a child with an adult partner. If births to teenagers result from older men "preying" on young women, then we would expect the most vulnerable among them to be more likely to a bear a child with an older man. Birth certificates often contain incomplete information on fathers, and the data on the partners of teenage mothers are especially unlikely to be entered. For example, California's Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Act of created harsh penalties for statutory rape that results in pregnancy. Interventions that would prevent very young adolescents from becoming sexually involved with much older men are clearly warranted. What Kind of Relationships? Because birth certificates often are completed secondhand by hospital personnel, we chose to use the measures directly reported by the mother. As expected, conclusions about the role of adult men in adolescent childbearing are sensitive to how the behavior is defined; much of the discussion on the issue has been framed in terms of partners who are at least 20 years old. Although racial background may be related to lower wage-earning potential, older partners did not differ significantly from similar-age partners by race. Second, what are the characteristics of these minors and of their relationships? Second, the NMIHS provides no direct information about the quality of the relationship between the teenage mother and her partner. A wider age interval would not capture appreciably more men with teenage partners. The higher levels of prior childbearing and alcohol use among women younger than 18 who have an older partner suggest involvement in behavior generally associated with precocious adulthood. A similar association persisted among couples who had not married by the time of delivery: While births to young mothers and older men raise social concerns, these births make up a small share of all teenage childbearing: Adult men who become involved with a minor may be less able to compete successfully with other adult men for women of their own age. It would also be incorrect to conclude that having a partner of the same age assures that sexual activity is consensual. What is the frequency with which children of year-olds are fathered by older men? However, when we compare older men who father children with minors to their peers who father children with adult women, the men having relationships with adolescents appear to be less desirable partners, since they have comparatively lower earning potential and less established relationships.

Sex with fathers

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  1. The behavior of adult men who father children with minors is often looked at as "deviant" and representative of problem behavior and psychosocial deficits that may reduce their earning potential and personal stability, making such men less desirable partners to adult women.

  2. Although these findings about the youngest mothers raise questions about sexual abuse, that issue cannot be addressed directly with these data. A wider age interval would not capture appreciably more men with teenage partners.

  3. Thus, for minors who had had a child with a man aged , their lower likelihood of living with their partner, being married and wanting the pregnancy strongly suggests that their relationship with the child's father is less well-established than that of older women.

  4. For example, in , babies born to women aged were fathered by men who were, on average, three years older than their partner.

  5. The NMIHS questionnaire corrected for this underreporting by directly asking mothers about the father's age, education, race and employment.

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