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Sexing a Tarantula Molt (Phormictopus sp. Blue)

Tarantula sex organ

However, if you have smaller tarantulas, you may need to use a handheld or pocket microscope to see the area. Still, if you attempt this method, try posting a good ventral photo up on this board to get some other opinions. No matter what method you choose to try to sex your specimen, research and practice are key. However, several key anatomical differences will make the job easier. Do you have specimens that are already sexed male or female?

Tarantula sex organ

Females can also be bred to produce slings, an integral and fascinating part of the hobby for many. I try to grab the molts from spiders I want to sex right after they molt as long as I can do it without disturbing the tarantula. Many male tarantulas have different colorations than females, with some being very pronounced. How do you sex a tarantula? Every species is different, so looking at a molt from a L. Carefully, smooth out the skin around where the spider's abdomen would have been. This specimen was likely male. Regarding commentary to described method as well as to determination on speed of growing, proportions of body, mentioned above "complex" method and similar methods, which are sometimes meeting in hobby can only say that it is appraisal and, in my opinion, consideration its as aplying and allowing to really render a help in determination of tarantula sex, not introduces, at least, practical. Between those spots you should see a crease. If the abdomen has been completely shredded in this area, you will find it difficult or impossible to sex the molt. Female tarantulas are much more long-lived than their male counterparts, often thriving decades after the males have matured and expired. A ventral shot of an A. We also mention a good method of visually sexing tarantulas by careful examination of the epigastric furrow region on the underside of the abdomen [or opisthosoma] and link to an informative page on another site that details this method. The smaller the specimen, the more difficult this area can be to see. This method takes plenty of practice and knowledge of what both the female and male characteristics of each species are. Next, you need a molt that has the abdomen flesh containing the book lungs intact. Keepers attempting this technique will want to do some research and get some photos of both males and females for comparison. Below we discuss the most accurate method of sex determination, the microscopic examination of molted specimen to detect the absence or presence of spermathecae only found in females. Tips In large tarantulas, you can usually see this spot clearly in good light. Also he consider that it may be appropriate for more genera. These two structures, the tibial apophysis or spur and the embolus or palpal bulb are the things to look for to determine if you have a mature male. If not, and you are sexing a largerer specimen, you are likely looking at a male. You should see four white spots at the top of this area. Because all male tarantulas will develop this feature, it makes more sense to look for emboli when trying to determine if your spider is a mature male or not. Does the male of this species have an organ that could be mistaken for a spermathecae?

Tarantula sex organ

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  1. It is believed that these auxiliary organs are used in sperm web production. Not only do males mature much faster than their female counterparts, but there are often many physical differences between a male and female of the same species.

  2. Work slowly and carefully, as the area that you need to sex the molt is VERY fragile and will tear.

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