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Virgin roster sex scenes

She feels an instant bond with Kengo because they are both new at the school. Surprisingly, despite the nature of this game, the sex depicted is overwhelmingly vanilla. If you're into this type of role-playing however, this definitely has the best illustrated characters and rape scenes of the lot comparing to the similarly-themed Sensei 2 and Tsuki. To reach this ending, you must focus solely on the students. The original Japanese voices have been retained, giving this brutal tale more life than some of us would like. Once you get past the bleeding ritual, you may find yourself enjoying the next few hentai episodes.

Virgin roster sex scenes

This could've been a better game, if only they paid as much attention to the storyline and route branching as they did to the artwork and animation. In fairness, however, the hentai scenes are exquisitely rendered. What he needs is a female version of himself to fuck and fall in love with, because that's the only woman he'd ever respect. A completely hedonistic bastard, Kengo has devoted himself wholeheartedly to that purpose, to derive his own pleasure by completely taking advantage of others. Choose B "Collect more information" 6. Kiyoka Daimon Kiyoka is a very fragile person. As Kengo, you live solely to defile as many beautiful virgins as you can and turn them into your personal sex slaves. May your manroot fall off and rot. Choose either B "Hunt Ren" 6. This makes her popular but also incurs the wrath of her mentor. The original Japanese voices have been retained, giving this brutal tale more life than some of us would like. Both of these exist only if you pursue the teachers from the beginning. The voice acting isn't bad either, since the girls' voices are solid and firm, especially Yuki's, Saki's and Shinobu's. To see Takako's ending, follow these steps: Saki's overbearing and serious nature keeps her from making many friends. Some are even animated, and although the motion is actually only a brief loop showing the most vital of actions, these episodes are exponentially more erotic than a still picture. The girls are all in some way or another reduced to mindless nymphomaniacs, psychologically damaged beyond repair. From his very first line, he makes it clear that he considers himself above the rabble of society and that other people, especially women, exist only to be used and abused to fulfill his whims. One is to "Observe her" when you see Kiyoka on the bus. The graphics themselves are clear, detailed, and depict a variety of acts and positions. If you find yourself unable to get a particular ending, read on to find out how. HN Opinions skysenshi His head is this tiny little thing. Maya Sahara Ren Hasumi Game extras include CG galleries, story flashback sequences, and a music collection. Mayu Asamiya Takako Kuga The opening menu features the murky figure of a nude female torso offset by a cutting bright light.

Virgin roster sex scenes

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